Baby Dedication
Things to consider

As parents presenting your child to the Lord, you are demonstrating your own personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. You show a desire to see God’s will carried out in the life of your child. And you are acknowledging your place as stewards of what really belongs to God – your child. Dedication means that by word and example you promise to teach your child to live a holy life and to value the good gifts God has given us.

Guidelines for Parents

It isn’t baptism for our children. Baptism is the public profession of faith and discipleship after conversion as described above. Once a child is old enough to make a decision to accept Christ as their personal Savior, then they can make a choice to be baptized.

What it is… The dedication of children is a Christian act of giving children to God for His glory.

The first question to ask is, Are we Christians? Christian dedication of babies is for Christian families.

The second question to ask is, Are we serious about this dedication? Dedicating your child to God is an act of faith in God, believing that He has a purpose of abundant life for your child.

The third question to ask is, Are we willing to oversee our child’s Christian development? By dedicating your child to God, you commit yourself to maintain a Christian home where Christ is honored and the word of God is believed and obeyed. A child’s first impression of God comes from you, so you must strive to live Christ-like lives at all times. Baby dedication is not a one -time event, but rather a life style of church attendance, service and involvement. It is an active Christian life example in the home of love, and dedication to one another, and to the disciplines of prayer and study. 

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